Church Schedule

Sunday School                                  9:00 AM
Morning Worship                               11:00 AM
Holy Communion                               4th Sunday
Youth Sunday                                    Every 1st Sunday
Youth Church                            Every Sunday except 1st Sunday

Prayer Call                            Every Tuesday at 7:30 pm
                                                   Dial-in Number-- 1-302-202-1110
                                                               Code: 331510

Pray for Our Sick and Shut-in
Sister Joyce Ann Watkins
Sister Brenda Torrence
Brother SJ Muldrow
Sister Rachel Henderson
Deacon Timothy Gardner -- St. John Baptist Church

Sister Willie Mae McClinton

Elder Johnnie Drummond and Wife

Sister Juanita Scott


Happy Birthday to Our  February Babies   

 Sister  Tracy Dobson
Sister  Olivia Jones-Smith
Deacon Samuel Watkins


Laurel Grove Baptist Church

           Sunday School Lessons
                February 2019

      "Love's Got Everything T Do With It"   

February 3, 2019

(Sister Joyce McMillan)
Press On Christ
Devotional Reading: 1 Corinthians 15: 50-58
Background Scripture: Philippians 3: 1-16
Lesson Scripture: Philippians 3: 7-14

February 10, 2019
(Brother Everett)
Our Loving God
Devotional Reading: Psalm 93
Background Scripture: Psalm 48: 1-3; 9-14
Lesson Scripture: Psalm 48: 1-3; 9-14

February 17, 2019
(Brother Everett)
Our Mighty God
Devotional Reading: Psalm 14
Background Scripture: Psalm 66
Lesson Scripture: Psalm 66: 1-9, 16-20

February 24, 2019
(Deacon Jones)
Our Rescuing God
Devotional Reading: Romans 8: 31-39
Background Scripture: Psalm 91: 1-16
Lesson Scripture: Psalm 91: 1-8, 11-16

March 3, 2019
(Deacon Jones)
Called To Serve
Devotional Reading: Luke 14: 15-24
Background Scripture: Luke 14: 7-14
Lesson Scripture: Luke 14: 7-14

Church Services will be at the Franconia Government Center

COFT Bible Study
Every Wednesday at 7:30 pm

Call Call#: 605-472-5313  Passcode: 638327#

Black History Month Tribute                 Sun., Feb 3rd, 11 am
Missionary Ministry

Black History Month Tribute               Sun., Feb 10th, 11 am

Trustee Ministry

Black History Month Tribute               Sun., Feb 17th, 11 am

Youth Ministry

Soul Food Tasting

Black History Month Tribute               Sun., Feb 24th, 11 am

Deacon Ministry